Vancouver’s Warranty Life Partners with Scandit to Launch Industry Changing API

Warranty Life has just released an API that will enable users to sell extended warranties in the US and Canada, something that no other provider currently offers.

The Vancouver-based startup, which helps users manage the products they buy by tracking receipts, manufacturer and extended warranty information and manuals, is the first to do so in an attempt to disrupt this profitable but stagnant $30 billion dollar industry.

Warranty Life’s APIs provide the ability for users to access warranty plans from a number of categories including cell phones, tablets, computers, appliances, furniture, tools and electronics. In essence, virtually any consumer electronic product you can think of can be covered by matching warranty at a competitive price, the Canadian company says.

According to them, the API is simple to use and allows developers efficient access to sell a variety of warranty plans. Plus, it adds, plans are fully insured and supported by some of the most reputable warranty providers in the US and Canada.

To further enhance these capabilities, Warranty Life has entered into an exclusive partnership with Scandit, where developers who utilize barcode scanning can have access to sell warranties. Scandit is unveiling the partnership today at VentureBeat’s Mobile Beat 2012 conference in San Francisco. Scandit has a newly released database with over 20 million universal product codes and hundreds of deployments on their system, including an app from Livingsocial.

“It’s a perfect fit,” says Warranty Life president and CEO Richard Hui. “People who scan products are thinking about buying, and by adding this extra feature developers can discover new revenue opportunities to compliment what their application already does while taking part in the warranty sales profits traditionally held by only the largest of retailers.”

“We’re very excited to partner with Warranty Life,” says Samuel Mueller, CEO and co-founder of Scandit. “Warranty Life perfectly complements our Product API and opens up an exclusive opportunity for our customers to monetize their apps by selling product warranties. We have exciting plans for our partnership.”