Vancouver’s WorkSpace to close doors this week

One year ago we reported that Bill MacEwen had sold WorkSpace – the premier coworking space he founded on Water Street in Vancouver.

MacEwen was off to Boston to enter Babson College’s entrepreneurial MBA program but had found someone to carry on the WorkSpace concept.

Vancouver’s Boris Mann reported here that Tech superstar Jayson Minard stepped in to continue the WorkSpace tradition.

And now it’s time to introduce the new owner of WorkSpace – Jayson Minard. While the previous link can show you his depth of technology (he was a former CIO and CTO of Abebooks, so I imagine todays acquisition by Amazon will be good to him as well), I was more impressed by the fact that he has a Wikipedia entry. Not to be outdone, Jayson’s wife Linda and co-owner of WorkSpace has her own IMDB entry as she focuses on her acting career here in Vancouver (she comes from a big background in high tech business development and sales). Jayson’s current “day job” is his consulting firm, MindHeap Technologies, with an impressive roster of high end clients. Yes, I was serious when I used the phrase technology superstar.

Unfortunately it looks like after one year, Minard is calling it quits and closing down WorkSpace as of this Friday, August 21st. If you have coworking space available, WorkSpace’s current members are looking.

Here’s a copy of the letter that WorkSpace members received this week informing them of their fate.