For Venture Cap TV, Tonight’s Party Marks a Pivot and a Partnership

Montreal-based video content startup VentureCapTv is moving forward with a new partnership and a push towards “evergreen” content. They’re celebrating by throwing a Pivot Launch tonight at Montreal’s Notman House.

Creative Director Ildar Khakimov confirmed that the education video library for startups is partnering with video curator 5by, a new venture by Montreal angel investor Greg Isenberg. The two companies plan to work side by side to offer instant and relevant content.

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Khakimov also said that VentureCapTv is pivoting from a live tech event focus to an “evergreen” focus, content that remains fresh and interesting for long periods of time.

Moreover, the team will be looking to enter the educational content space in the future, possibly offering accredited physical classes that would be certified by universities such as Concordia.

“There’s a lot of different things we’re exploring and they may or may not include actually giving classes in physical locations, something we’ve seen done in other startups, and in bigger startup hubs,” said Khakimov. “Right now we just want to plant our foot as the go-to guys for these very useful guides for entrepreneurs and we’ll see where it takes us from now.”

Part of that strategy revolves around the new partnership. 5by’s founder Isenberg founded the “Songza for video” last month but already has his eye on millions of users. VentureCapTv has a mission to educate startups and 5by will provide the platform via one of its channels.

“We’re very excited to announce the VentureCapTv and partnership. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely and rollercoaster ride and VentureCapTv captures and tells the stories of entrepreneurs in video,” said Isenberg. “They’re using the platform to create the foremost home for entrepreneur education content on the Internet.”

Founded two years ago by Kristina Tomaz-Young, VentureCapTv publishes three to five minute webisodes that feature high quality answers to the big questions entrepreneurs and businesses ask. New material is added each week and most of the content is free.With a monthly subscription members can have access to the complete library, additional educational material and they can follow a curriculum.

Along with Khakimov the team is rounded out with Executive Producer Patrick Munoz-Barbeau, CMO Sara Aramahdian and Tech Reporter Charles Brun.Their advisory board includes some notable faces as well, including David Nault of iNovia Capital and Jean-Nicolas Delage of Faskin Martineau.

VentureCapTv’s team was the motivating factor for Khakimov to join last December, as he was already an accomplished SEO expert managing five websites. He praised the work ethic of a CEO like Tomaz-Young. “Sometimes investments are made based on the team and not on the idea,” said Khakimov. “A big thing for me is the human factor- I think Kristina is a very hard working entrepreneur who is going places.”

The content manufacturing space is undoubtedly competitive but Khakimov downplays the notion of an over-crowded market. “I don’t think it’s oversaturated when it comes to very high quality content but there’s definitely a lot of noise when it comes to media coverage of tech events,” he said.

With a name like “VenureCapTv”, doesn’t it imply that it’s VC-funded though? Not so much, said the Creative Director. While funding may be in the future for the startup, they’re focusing on a lean startup model. Launch the videos, measure the results and feedback and make decisions accordingly.

As well, their name doesn’t mean their content revolves around only the VC world. It’s more of a double meaning for the team, as their content is for those who are venturing out and for the most part, trying to earn capital.