Verizon Punishing Unlimited Data Customers for Using Too Much Data

Remember, folks: in the world of mobile data, unlimited never actually means unlimited.

Verizon has started targeting users of “unlimited” data plans who use more thsn 200GB per month. The carrier plans to force them onto limited plans or disconnect their service.

“Because our network is a shared resource and we need to ensure all customers have a great mobile experience with Verizon, we are notifying a small group of customers on unlimited plans who use more than 200GB a month that they must move to a Verizon Plan by February 16, 2017,” a Verizon spokesperson told Ars Technica.

On Verizon’s limited plans, speeds are severely throttled when users exceed their monthly limits. But Verizon’s current limited plans are significantly more expensive than its old unlimited plans, so this move is sure to irk a few customers. It now costs $450 for 100GB per month, compared with around $100 for a grandfathered unlimited plan.

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