As Verizon Resurrects Unlimited Mobile Data Plan, T-Mobile Boosts Its Own Offering

T-Mobile has boosted its unlimited mobile data plan in immediate response to Verizon re-launching its own unlimited plan.

To make its plan more enticing, T-Mobile is adding high-definition video and 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data at no extra charge.

“[Verizon] just lost their network advantage, and they know it. Their back’s against the wall,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “This is what the Un-carrier does—drag the carriers kicking and screaming into the future.”

These upgrades are available starting this Friday. Customers can activate their new features in the T-Mobile app.

T-Mobile’s plan, called ONE, starts at $40 per person including taxes and fees.

Verizon Launches New Unlimited Data Mobile Plan