Vestiigo – offering careers at Canada’s top companies

Vestiigo is not just another job search website competing with the likes of Workopolis or Monster.  Vestiigo offers the career-savvy professional with the latest career opportunities at many of Canada’s best and brightest companies.  According to their website,

“We found that the best opportunities tend to be the hardest ones to find. We’re talking “my Mom’s, brother’s, uncle told me about the job” type of opportunities. Well, we’ve decided to do something about it. We launched Vestiigo in order to showcase the best opportunities on the market and then give you the tools to land them. Your mother might not have a brother, but now you’ve got us.” 

Vestiigo just doesn’t allow any company to register job or career opportunities on their website.  They actually hand pick every job opportunity and deal directly with the employers.  Tim Ryan is the founder of one of Canada’s newest and hottest sites for young professionals.  Techvibes recently had the opportunity to interview Tim.  Here is the entire conversation:

What was your professional background prior to starting Vestiigo?

My professional background is in sales and marketing, specifically in the telecom and technology industries. After I graduated I worked in online marketing at an enterprise software company for several years and left to complete graduate school in France.  I then spent several years working for a major Canadian telecom company, focusing on special projects and pricing strategies.

We’ve all heard, and maybe used, services like Monster and Workopolis. Why did you decide to create Vestiigo?

Great question.  It really comes down to the experience – both for the job-seeker and for the hiring manager. Many career sites focus on distinguishing themselves by the number of job postings they have and not on the market they are looking to serve. The problem is I’m not looking for “10,000 jobs” – I’m looking for that one opportunity.

With so much traffic, it’s very hard for either the job-seeker or the hiring manager to find the right fit. When you post a job in that kind of environment, you have literally dozens (sometimes hundreds) of applications for each position. Not surprisingly, great candidates often get overlooked because they’re drowned out by the number of other applicants.

I started Vestiigo because I wanted to focus on serving a market and then building a great online experience around it.

Why do you think there is a place for companies like Vestiigo and TalentEgg in today’s marketplace?

There’s a place in the marketplace for companies like us because of the huge disconnect between the current needs of job-seekers and the tools available to them to address those needs. The mass job boards will always be relevant with respect to volume, but for companies with more specialized needs and job-seekers with more specialized skills, there’s a need to create an environment that can connect the two.

What is the Vestiigo profile link about? And, how have you integrated social networking into your services?

The Vestiigo profile link provides a unique URL that enables members to share their online profile, which acts much like a resume, with their network as well prospective employers. You can access this link whether you’re a member of Vestiigo or not.  The link also has a “Get in touch” feature that delivers messages to your inbox.

We also rely on social networking to help our members stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities, whether through weekly summaries on LinkedIn or instant updates on Twitter.