Victoria’s Cloud Practice is Designed with Doctors in Mind

Jordan Visco is a bit of a serial entrepreneur. After graduating from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Visco and a few friends founded a company called Neverblue in February of 2004. The company focused on online marketing and was bought in 2007, giving Visco the opportunity to pursue other things. Since then, Visco’s gone on to run a number of different projects, from creating mobile apps to web-based software and more.

His newest focus is a company called Cloud Practice.

Cloud Practice was founded in February of 2012 and is designed with doctors in mind. The long-term goal is to create a patient management system that includes billing, scheduling, booking appointments, storing patient health records, and more. Currently, the company has completed their first goal by creating smart billing software under the name of ClinicAid. ClinicAid launched in Alberta in May, 2013 and is the only billing software that works with OSCAR Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in the province. It provides a simple and affordable solution for doctors to help streamline their billing process.

ClinicAid works with a service called Oscar Host in order to provide doctors in Canada with the EMR support that they need. Oscar Host is built by the Cloud Practice team. It makes use of the OSCAR, short for Open Source Clinical Application Resource, open source software created by McMaster University.

Oscar Host provides doctors with an online practice management web application that doesn’t require buying, installing, or managing servers. It includes scheduling, billing, prescriptions, charting, and other features to help doctors manage their practices. It also has a messaging and reminder system, as well as easy-to-access customisable forms for requisitions, care planning, and other decision-making tools.

ClinicAid’s interface is clean yet sophisticated. It offers its users an easy way to keep track of patient bills, history, and special notes. Creating an invoice from the dashboard is very simple. Saved patient information can be matched for easy prefilling and referral IDs of other doctors, service codes, modifiers, and diagnostic codes have convenient look-up tables and built-in search functions. Each invoice provides the who, what, and why for a patient’s bill. The system also provides advanced options to fill in more details about a patient’s demographics for out of province invoices. Invoices can be saved or sent out right away.

Invoices are divided into two columns on the main dashboard page, with the left column displaying invoices yet to be sent out and the right column showing invoices that require an action from the doctor. The system keeps track of unresolved invoices and brings them to the doctor’s attention, while also keeping a record of settled, held, or rejected invoices.

There is also a reports section for quick overviews and doctors can even “favourite” codes for fast access to them.

ClinicAid currently supports hundreds of physicians’ offices.

The Cloud Practice team is working to launch ClinicAid in Ontario, expected to be live by the end of November, 2013. They will launch in other provinces in Canada in January, 2014. Once the reports section is perfected, an administration and managing system will be added so that doctors can add or remove account access on their own. Private billing options will also be added. As the software gains traction across the country, the team will shift their focus towards developing an online scheduling and patient booking system.

The end goal is to create customisable systems for doctors in different areas with their own built-in charts, billing, scheduling, and potentially even a telehelp option that’s ready to use for quick consultations.

Visco’s other projects include an online market testing tool called CrowdPicker, a music radio stream that is constantly updating with new tunes called Songspin, a variety of mobile apps, ranging from telling you what to make for dinner tonight to quizzes to an indie rock playlist, and more. He is currently also developing an app called Hawkeye Logs that is designed for truckers to use when logging their trips. Visco’s other company, Nimble Robot, manages the majority of these projects.