Vidyard Integrates with HubSpot, Provides Video Marketing Analytics

Waterloo-based startup Vidyard announced today a new integration with inbound marketing software firm HubSpot, powering a first-ever video analytics platform in the HubSpot marketplace. Techvibes readers are likely aware that Vidyard is a finalist for the Best Overall Canadian Startup of 2012 award.

The HubSpot integration comes two months after Vidyard launched an integration with Eloqua.

The Vidyard platform offers HubSpot customers two applications – Video Mapping and Heat Mapping – that enable marketers to access individual viewing data directly within their HubSpot contact records. The analytics will empower HubSpot marketers to refine the placement and engagement of video content, thereby improving conversions and ROI, the startup says.

“Vidyard’s platform is groundbreaking for our customers who use video as part of their marketing campaigns. Until now, video as an effective lead-gen tool has been a guessing game, despite the explosion of video content on the Web,” explained Arjun Moorthy, HubSpot’s vice president of business development and partner products.

“Imagine what’s possible when user-level video analytics are pumped into HubSpot users’ contact records: marketers know instantly which videos and what content within each video mattered most for each customer contact. ,” Arjun added. “Not only can that information be used to tailor video content, it informs how to improve conversions within landing pages, web pages and email campaigns. This is one of the most powerful tools our customers will have in their measurement toolbox.”

“Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, generating four billion views per day, with an average viewing time of five minutes. Marketers’ need for insight into video marketing performance cannot be understated,” said Vidyard CEO Michael Litt. “Our partnership with HubSpot is excellent news for marketers, and we are thrilled to be working with one of the most progressive and successful companies in the marketing arena today.”