Vine May Survive Companies Show Interest in Buying It from Twitter

Nobody wants to buy Twitter. But perhaps somebody wants to buy Vine from Twitter.

According to sources cited in TechCrunch, Twitter has received “a large number of bids” for Vine, including “several from Asia,” though no specific companies were named. (Twitter’s original plan was simply to shut the service down.)

However, the offers seem to be fairly low. Twitter paid $30 million for Vine two years ago, but it appears that the bids hover around $10 million—a negligible sum even for the struggling Twitter.

But its also an expensive asset to hold onto: between infrastructure and employees, Vine costs up to $10 million per month just to operate, according to The New York Times. So whether Vine shutters or changes hands, Twitter will soon be rid of it.

By Shutting Down Vine, Twitter Shows It Doesn’t Understand Itself