Virtual Reality Adds New Depth to Homebuying Experience

LNG Studios, a Vancouver-­based 3D rendering and animation studio, is among the first to bring 360-­degree virtual reality tours and videos to Canada.

These virtual reality experiences will “redefine the way architectural and design industries are able to conceptualize and market spaces before they are built,” according to the company.

Alongside Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Playstation, LNG Studios is at the forefront of Virtual Reality services to real estate developers, architects and interior design firms looking to capitalize on these new experiences.

Using architectural CAD data as well as real­time imagery and video, LNG Studios creates realistic 360 degree virtual tours of unbuilt environments that can be experienced with a VR headset and hand­held devices. Prospective buyers are able to immerse themselves in a space and view each room in 360 degrees.

“Our clients have been overjoyed with the 3D immersive experience and have told us it redefines the home buying experience,” notes Leon Ng, President of LNG Studios. “Now with the use of Virtual Reality headsets users can interact in a whole new way within a space, making the experience even more immersive and authentic.”

Additionally, prospective buyers can view the space remotely from anywhere in the world, better understanding the built environment’s size and scale.