Vision Critical Acquires Aida’s Data Science Assets to Bolster AI and Machine Learning

More companies are turning to AI to bolster their platform and grow value.

Vision Critical is the latest, as they have announced the acquisition of certain assets of Aida Software. Based in Vancouver, Aida is a startup that focuses on applying AI to customer experience and support applications.

Also based in Vancouver, Vision Critical is hoping that the acquisition will help accelerate the deployment of AI and machine learning features for their Sparq 3 customer intelligence platform. Sparq 3 offers several features geared towards insight communities, which is essentially a group of most trusted stakeholders, from customers to employees. The platform can connect what a company may already know about their customers with information collected from insight communities and then use that information to learn more about customers over time.

In late 2017, Vision Critical announced new AI-driven features for Sparq 3, called Customer Relationship Intelligence Science (CRIS).

“Adding artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to Sparq 3 enables companies to surface previously hidden insight and to create better end-to-end customer experiences based on the data they’re gathering,” said Divesh Sisodraker, president and CPO for Vision Critical. “We’re delighted to welcome the Aida team to Vision Critical to help us accelerate the integration of CRIS applications into Sparq 3 and get them into the hands of our customers.”

The entire Aida data science team will join Vision Critical, including co-founder Jenny Yang. Yang will now lead data science projects at Vision Critical.

“The Vision Critical Sparq 3 platform offers a lot of exciting possibilities for using AI to improve the customer experience—a mission that we shared at Aida,” said Yang. “We’re excited to join forces with Vision Critical and its impressive enterprise customer base to deliver highly differentiated AI solutions.”

This is the second acquisition for Vision Critical over the past half-year, as they purchased Pressly to help broaden their content creation.