Vision Critical Lauches Stories on Sparq Platform, Adding Context to Customer Intelligence

Vision Critical, a customer intelligence platform provider, this week announced Stories, a feature now available in the Sparq platform.

With Stories, customers can organize and share the collective wisdom of their customer insight communities across their organizations, enabling more confident decision-making.

Storytelling is an effective way to share data and insight, helping recipients make sense of complex information, says Vision. Additionally, storytelling inspires action far more than bare facts and figures, which has become critical as customer communities are increasingly expected to provide actionable insight that drives optimal business outcomes.

With Stories, an insight community becomes more valuable over time, because every interaction builds both the quantity and quality of customer intelligence available. Historic insight remains accessible and usable, with the potential to quickly augment or update it within the same customer community or with a sub-set of customers that meet particular criteria.

“We have seen our customers continuously prove that building communities of customers they can engage with on an ongoing basis provides better quality insight than traditional research methods, which are rapidly losing their effectiveness,” said Divesh Sisodraker, Executive Vice President, Product at Vision Critical. “Now, with Stories, every piece of information remains accessible and can be easily recalled and built into new narratives, producing a cumulative effect of richer, deeper insight as time goes by.”

“The ongoing investment a company makes into its community and engagement activities creates real value that can produce a distinct competitive advantage in fast-moving business environments,” he added.

Stories is available now within the Sparq customer intelligence platform for both current and new customers.