On First Year Anniversary of Vive, HTC Launches VR Subscription Service

It has been one year since HTC launched its virtual reality headset, the Vive. The company is celebrating the product’s first birthday by launching a monthly Viveport subscription.

HTC says it is the first-ever subscription model for a VR app store. The service gives Vive owners a way to navigate the burgeoning VR app marketplace and discover new content for $7 per month.

“We’re surprised every day by what our fans and developers have brought to Vive in its first year,” said Daniel O’ Brien, general manager for HTC Vive in the US. “We’re astounded by the impact that VR is making in the home and in the enterprise.”

Each month, subscription customers choose five titles from a library of content. They get unlimited access to the apps they choose or can rotate out their selection every month. All apps in the subscription service are also available for sale.

Viveport Subscription is launching with more than 50 titles available.

“The marketplace for Vive apps has grown at a tremendous pace with more than 1,600 titles now available across different app stores and over 30 new apps launching daily,” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport at HTC Vive. “Introducing a subscription model to VR is a natural evolution of where this market is going, and as film, music and TV have proven it’s becoming the preferred way customers want to explore and experience entertainment content.”

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