Voices.com Reaches Half-Million User Milestone

A local startup that has blown up over the past few years to become a worldwide force has reached a historic milestone.

Voices.com has announced they have surpassed 500,000 registered users on their platform. The London, Ontario-based company was founded in 2005 and operates as an online marketplace for audio and voice talent. Voices.com has more than two million unique visitors each year and has enabled over 300,000 transactions spread over 160 countries.

“We’ve been disciplined to execute on our strategic plan, resulting in a very successful year since our investment last July,” said Voices.com’s CEO David Ciccarelli. “We’re now serving over 500,000 users on our platform and have experienced an impressive jump in transactions on the site. This is evidence of wide adoption, from both the clients finding the perfect voice for their projects and the voice over talent being successful in finding work on our platform.”

Voices.com counts major companies like Microsoft, Hulu and GoDaddy as customers, along with smaller independent companies looking for voiceover and audio work.

It was a year ago this month that Voices.com raised an $18 million Series A led by Morgan Stanley, and since then the platform has been able to rapidly expand and grow to become a market leader.

Since that funding round, Voices.com has been everywhere in the Canadian tech world. They were included among 2018’s Best Places to Work and landed in the top 100 of the 2017 PROFIT 500. But maybe more importantly, Voices.com expanded their offering by acquiring their California competitor Voicebank in addition to expanding their platform to included unionized media artists in the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

“For the competitive realities of the modern producer, Voices.com has become the solution that will see the 100-year-old voice-over industry meeting 21st-century demands,” said Ciccarelli.

With these recent moves and a robust user base, Voices.com will look to continue expanding around the world and improving their market share of the $4.4 billion per year voiceover market.