Walk Score Ranks Canada’s Most Walkable Cities

Walk Score rates over 10,000 neighborhoods in almost 3,000 cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia to help people find walkable homes. This is because the company believes that walkable neighborhoods with access to public transit, better commutes, and proximity to people and places are keys to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Walk Score has come out with 2014 rankings for the most walkable cities in each of the three countries it tracks. Here’s Canada’s list:

1. Vancouver (78)

2. Toronto (71.4)

3. Montreal (70.4)

4. Mississauga (58.6)

5. Ottawa (53.9)

6. Winnipeg (52.9)

7. Edmonton (50.9)

8. Hamilton (50.9)

9. Brampton (48.1)

10. Calgary (47.9)

Outside of Vancouver, which rivals some of the most walkable scores in the US (New York scores 87.6; San Francisco scores 83.9), Canada isn’t amazingly walkable. The 10th most walkable city in America is Baltimore, scoring 66.2, more than 18 points above Canada’s 10th, Calgary.

Walk Score also breaks down stats by neighbourhood in its rankings: Vancouver’s downtown, with a population of 54,000, is the city’s most walkable area and scores 96 out of 100, for example. In Toronto, the Bay Street Corridor scores 99.

Australia’s most walkable city is Sydney (62.6) followed by Melbourne (57). However, even these low-scoring cities have top-notch neighbourhoods—the Haymarket are of Sydney scores 99.