Watch A Live Stream of Shopify’s Black Friday Sales

If you didn’t brave the shopping masses this Black Friday, Shopify has the next best thing.

The e-commerce giant once again has a section on their site that tracks all purchases made through the platform in real time, giving a glimpse into the unbelievable amount of money spent on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The map is either meant for that, or for the shopaholic who’s stuck at work, giving them a glimpse into what they may be missing out on.

Check the embedded video below to see a live stream of sales from around the world.

Depending on personal preferences, Shopify’s stream may be one of the more interesting Black Friday videos you’ve ever seen or one of the more tame ones. There’s no brawling for toasters or TVs here, just a representation looking at the sheer number of transactions taking place on Shopify’s platform.

The video does some justice to the number and location of sales, but head to the live site here to look at the number of orders per minute and sales per minute. In the early morning, those numbers hovered around 3,400 and $300,000 respectively.

So far the biggest buys through Shopify have been apparel, followed by accessories, housewares, and shoes. The top-purchasing cities are London, U.K.; New York City, U.S.; Toronto, Canada; and Los Angeles, U.S.

In terms of which state in the U.S. is leading the way, California is currently doubling the next competitor, New York, as California has 26 per cent of total sales in the country.

Shopify has launched a ton of new features lately, form their branding assistant Hatchful to seamless eBay integration, so it’s no wonder the platform is seeing its merchants perform so well.