Watch GoPro’s New Karma Drone Teaser

Amidst GoPro’s 2016 sales woes, their highly anticipated (and highly delayed) Karma drone is set to be announced Sept 19, 2016. Their newsletter announced the with a new teaser video in true GoPro fashion. No official photos of the drone have been released or leaked to date, creating an iPhone 7-like buzz about its form and functions.

GoPro-KarmaDrone-Teaser This actually the Karma’s third teaser video, the first from December 2015 and the second in February 2016. The video says “watch it 9.19.16 at” which begs the question of how they plan to unveil their first drone. To date all major GoPro products have been released with epic videos captured on the product in question. This will likely include the announcement of GoPro’s newest camera, the Hero 5 which is expected to be announced in coming weeks.