Waterloo-based Kik experiencing viral growth

Just over 2 weeks ago we featured the re-launch of Kik Messenger, which is a free, cross-plkikatform mobile instant messaging service. Yesterday, the app attracted 150,000 new subscribers worldwide, accelerating five days of exponential growth and possibly setting a new record for app adoption in a single day.

Ted Livingston is the CEO and President of Kik Interactive, Inc.:

The sudden surge in Kik’s popularity is driving what may be the fastest-ever growth of any mobile app.  We’re both thrilled and overwhelmed by the continuing rush of new users.

Kik has grown from just 30,000 users a week ago to 450,000 yesterday. As of noon today, the growth rate is already double what it was yesterday. Usage peaked yesterday at 1 million messages an hour, and is on track to be even higher today.

To be a part of this Canadian success story visit http://www.kik.com/m and start “kik-ing”!


According to Venture Beat, Kik has well surpassed 1 million users in less than 2 weeks.  Faster than Facebook and Twitter.