Waterloo Startup Adds Paste Extruder Capability to 3D Printers – Nutella Anyone?

UPDATE: After blowing though their original Kickstarter goal of $30,000 Structur3D has a new goal of $65,000 – buy now.

The launch of the Discov3ry paste extruder today expands the capabilities of 3D printers beyond rigid plastics into paste-like materials, including silicone.

Structur3D Printing’s Discov3ry is the first commercially available plug and play paste extruder that can be easily integrated into the majority of already available 3D Printers.

Part of Communitech’s Hyperdrive accelerator’s fourth cohort, Structrur3D Printing was founded by materials scientists.

With Discov3ry, users can introduce a vast array of materials beyond the typical PLA or ABS plastic to include simple ingredients found in your home and kitchen, or at your local hardware store. Options include clay, playdough, silicone, chocolate, cake frosting, fondant, cookie dough, meringue, and nutella.

“Discov3ry expands what is possible with virtually every 3D printer already out there, allowing for more creativity than ever before in 3D printing,” said Dr. Charles Mire, CEO and co-founder of Structur3D Printing.  “We are excited to get it into the hands of the maker community because we know they’ll come up with uses for paste printing that we haven’t even though of yet.”

This add-on “pastruder” has generated interest from educators who see potential to use more affordable, fun and familiar materials in a classroom setting.  Printing with silicone has massive potential for biomedical applications ranging from prosthetics, to hearing aids and surgical implants.

Discov3ry’s Kickstarter campaign launched today and in only hours surpassed its $30,000 goal. The devices will begin shipping in October 2014.