Waterloo’s Rebellion Media Acquires Canadian Startup Sortable

Today, Waterloo-based Rebellion Media announced the acquisition of Sortable, also of Waterloo.

Sortable is a startup that was founded in 2011. Its main product is a content creation and recommendation system. Rebellion will leverage this technology as it launches TRACE, a “Traffic Revenue and Content Engine.”

“We are excited to be a founding acquisition of Rebellion Media,” said Chris Reid, co-founder of Sortable. “We tackled a very hard problem, helping consumers find the right product or service, and we’ve already made a significant change to how people shop for cameras, cellphones and other gadgets. Uniting with Rebellion Media will enable us to massively broaden the scope of decisions we address, from daily tasks to major life decisions.”

Rebellion Media’s TRACE technology enables consumers to enjoy a more engaging and personalized online experience. As users more frequently look to the Internet to find better information about their hobbies and interests, Rebellion Media’s platform allows consumers to spend less time searching for answers, and more time interacting with personalized, hyper-relevant content.

“Traditional content producers are failing to keep pace with the accelerating demands of their consumers. Sortable is the cornerstone of Rebellion’s TRACE platform, a platform that is designed to solve the problem of providing personalized content to digital media consumers,” said Ted Hastings, CEO of Rebellion Media. “By bringing together expertise in multiple disciplines, including traffic acquisition, content management and monetization strategies into a single platform, we are developing a new and innovative way to create, manage and grow online properties.”