Waymo Moves to Block Uber from Operating Autonomous Vehicles

Waymo is asking a judge to block Uber from operating its autonomous vehicles, according to newly filed documents in the company’s lawsuit against Uber.

Alphabet’s self-driving spinoff filed the lawsuit last month, alleging that Uber stole critical components of Waymo’s self-driving technology.

“Uber’s LiDAR technology is actually Waymo’s LiDAR technology,” Waymo’s complaint in the Northern District of California reads. “The configuration and specifications of our LiDAR sensors are unique to Waymo. Misappropriating this technology is akin to stealing a secret recipe from a beverage company.”

The lawsuit is just one of many issues Uber is dealing with currently. The company is in the middle of an internal investigation into its corporate culture, which is allegedly toxic and sexist, and has also faced criticism for operating a program that may have illegally deceived authorities.

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