WealthBar Brings Robo-advisor Model to all Provinces

Today, WealthBar, Canada’s only full service online advisor, launched its services in all Canadian provinces by registering with each provincial regulator across Canada. This easy to use, passive, online investing service includes access to a real live financial advisor for less than half the cost of most mutual funds.

WealthBar provides online personal financial planning and manages clients’ savings using low-cost ETF portfolios. Through the website, clients can quickly set financial goals and track their progress, as well as monitor the performance of their savings. Funds are professionally invested in a broadly diversified long-term ETF portfolio designed to minimize market volatility. Clients also have a personal financial advisor to guide them, help them with their financial plan, and answer questions.

“We’d like to help all Canadians understand how to save money effectively and efficiently,” says Tea Nicola, CEO of WealthBar. “It’s about knowing how and when you will reach your goals as well as getting the right advice to make the best decisions whenever personal circumstances change.”

WealthBar’s financial planning tool is free to use for everyone. Right now, anyone who signs up also gets a free planning session with a human financial advisor. “We understand that human touch is still important for good financial planning,” adds Nicola, “so we made the advisor a key part of the WealthBar experience right from the beginning.”