FinTech Startup WealthBar Raises $5.5 Million

WealthBar has raised $5.5 million.

Investors in the round include Nicola Wealth Management, a high-net-worth wealth management company, and Howard Atkinson.

“For years now, investing for Canadians hasn’t exactly been the most elegant experience,” the Canadian fintech startup explains. “Imagine your financial advisor showing up to your home, opening a massive binder full of funds and forms that you fill out while you have your kids running around the house and tugging on your arm. The dishes are still in the sink, the phone is ringing, and you had to take half a day off work to make the meeting happen.”

WealthBar is Canada’s only full service online advisor.

“We’d like to help all Canadians understand how to save money effectively and efficiently,” says Tea Nicola, CEO of WealthBar. “It’s about knowing how and when you will reach your goals as well as getting the right advice to make the best decisions whenever personal circumstances change.”