Wearable Tech Reaches Healthcare Sector to Prevent Spread of Illnesses in Hospitals

Garmatex Technologies, an inventor of performance fabric and apparel solution-focused technologies, is partnering with Diagnomics, a biotech company that provides healthcare solutions from personal genomics.

The two companies want to combine their expertise and resources to develop healthcare scrubs and linens that will use anti-microbial fabric technologies to limit pathogen transference of bacteria and fungi that can contaminate healthcare environments. The goal of developing these products is to save lives and healthcare venue expenses by preventing the unnecessary spread of dangerous hospital-acquired infections and other ailments.

At present, HAIs affect millions of patients worldwide each year. According to Columbia University, approximately two million patients suffer from HAIs in the USA, and nearly 90,000 are estimated to die annually. The overall cost of HAIs to US hospitals ranges from $28 to $45 billion per year.

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The healthcare scrubs and linens developed by Garmatex and Diagnomics will feature Garmatex’s proprietary anti-microbial technology, Bact-Out, a natural treatment that has a bacterial and fungal reduction rate of 99.9% after 50 washes.

“No one else is taking such a rigorous, pioneering approach—marrying cutting-edge textile technology with world-class, genomics-level medical science,” said Martin Doane, Garmatex’s CEO and President.