Website disappointing customers? Medallia will tell you why your site sucks

Medallia, which specializes in in SaaS and customer experience management, today announced their newest product, the Medallia Web Experience solution. It’s designed to give website and e-commerce teams an “expanded ability to understand and improve the visitor experience.” 

According to the Silicon Valley company, it designed Web Experience to take the mystery out of web customers’ behaviour and provide companies with a better understanding of what they must do to make visitor experiences better. Medallia says that a recent Temkin Group study showed that companies believe they create worse customer experiences through their websites compared to their telephone or in-person channels. In fact, the company says more than 70% of companies surveyed believe that their websites don’t delight customers.


“After several clients asked us to customize our CEM solution to help them understand website behaviour, we realized there was an extensive unmet need,” said Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder of the company. “We decided to build a product that takes into consideration how all our clients would use this type of solution. Now, business managers of social media, e-commerce, and enterprise sites can use the same structured approach to driving business performance as other Medallia customers.”

Medallia’s Web Experience functions in three ways: first, integrates web analytics data with customer experience data; second, it provides a “360 degree view” of customers’ journeys through websites; third, it enables website teams to identify web experience trouble spots.