Weekly Vibe: Stephen Harper and the Legend of Zelda

While you’re searching for eggs this weekend, find the time to check out these highlights from the last week in tech.

Land a Career With One of Canada’s Smartest Companies

It has been five years since Profit Magazine named Shopify ‘Canada’s Smartest Company’. What’s behind the company’s astounding, sustained success? The same key ingredient as any successful company: top talent–and you could be the next hire for one of Canada’s smartest companies at the premier recruiting event for tech careers: Techfest Montreal on May 4, 2017.

Are Canadian Startups Tortoise-like in their Growth?

Numerous Canadian tech companies are wondering why they aren’t growing as fast as they should be or why they can’t seem to attract the venture capital that they need. Well if you’re one of those companies then your problem might very well be a lack of spending on marketing and sales. Sorry to say but this lack of spending has turned you into a tortoise.

From PM to VC: Harper’s Move is a Win for Canadian Tech

Recent news of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to join San Francisco-based 8VC is good news for the Canadian tech industry. Injecting high-profile Canadian leadership into Silicon Valley can only serve to further establish Canada’s reputation in tech. Harper brings to Silicon Valley a unique understanding of the Canadian landscape and a history of advocacy pertaining to investment in the Canadian market.

Breath of the Wild: Four Entrepreneurial Lessons We Can All Learn From Zelda

Nintendo’s Switch console got a breath of fresh air with the release of a perennial favorite license: Zelda. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” quickly sold well over one million copies, making it one of the best reviewed games in history—and driving sales for the console through the roof. Any entrepreneur can point to surface reasons for this success, but Zelda’s link to the past goes deeper. Read on as we dig out the real lessons from this historic launch.


Google Wifi Now Available in Canada

Joining the US and the UK in offering the company’s mesh router system, Google Wifi is now available in Canada and costs $179 CAD for a single unit and $439 CAD for a triple pack.  It’s sleek, subtle design blends in with any home decor and delivers strong Wi-Fi in every room, on every device.

How to Build a Compelling Digital Workplace

Charting the correct path for your digital workplace strategy is no easy task. Get it right, and you’ll have a more engaged and productive workforce. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up with frustrated employees and few—if any—efficiency gains. To build a purposeful digital workplace that your employees will love to use, you need to tailor it to the specific business challenges they confront every day. Learn how to do it here.

Wealthsimple Wins Second Webby Award

Wealthsimple has won a Webby Award, the international award that celebrates the best of the Internet. For the second consecutive year, Wealthsimple’s site was named Best Financial Services/Banking website by a jury of Internet experts. After winning the award in 2016, Wealthsimple completely tore down and rebuilt its website, making it even more transparent, intuitive and beautiful.

Apple Teacher Launches in Canada

Apple Teacher is now available in Canada and schools are starting to incorporate it into their own professional learning offerings. The new professional learning program, designed to support and celebrate teachers, offers self-paced learning with free learning materials, tips, and inspiration.

Ubisoft’s Mini Montreal Metropolis

In 1997, leadership from Ubisoft’s Paris headquarters was touring Montreal, looking for a new place to expand into North America. While cruising along St. Laurent Boulevard, the car stopped at St. Viateur Street next to the Peck Building. Today, Ubisoft Montreal now occupies the entire building and employs more than 3,000 people working in six different offices around the city.