What Happens at GROW…

Unlike the favorite Las Vegas refrain, what happens at the GROW conference comes home with you.

GROW isn’t one of those conferences where you can get away with just sitting and listening—it’s a conference that demands that you leave with some real learnings, connections and purpose. There is a long list of accomplished speakers but the real magic comes from the different approach. This is a conference about nuts and bolts of conceiving and building tech companies.

The conference is steeped with real founder stories, insights from the trenches and, of course, the welcoming city of Vancouver. There are no vendor commercials or softball interviews. That approach is what has made GROW into the best conference on the planet for entrepreneurs. It’s also what has the attendance doubling year over year.

Oh, and last time I was at GROW something really did come home with me. Among the crowds of amazing attendees I was lucky enough to reconnect with Mark Organ. He was the cofounder of Eloqua and was starting his new adventure to revolutionize B2B marketing. Within a few months, I was a proud investor and have enjoyed being a part of their magic. I took home a new investment.

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So did many others, and Influitive is part of the new trend of US based VC’s making investments into Canadian companies. In the past three years there has been $565 million invested into Canadian companies—go over to The C100 and hear more about it. I’m the co-chair of the organization and we are 100% supportive of the GROW conferences world domination. We will have over a third of our charter members in attendance.

The question is, who will I meet and invest in this year? An even bigger question is who else will get funding setup with the other 50+ VCs from around the world that will be at GROW? Be a part of the magic and remember to take something home. Viva las Vancouver!

See you there.