What Will Forever Change Your Business?

GoToMeeting Canada kicked off an exciting first round of the #FutureofWork discussion over Twitter yesterday.

The hour-long debate focused on two big trends that would have the biggest impact on the future of work for businesses: the Internet of Things versus the Collaborative Economy.

Close to 50 companies, organizations and entrepreneurs across all industries in Canada took part, with GoToMeeting Canada’s expert panelists sharing their insights on each topic.

Questions were raised about how big data can improve connected devices and how the Internet of Things can create opportunities for SMBs.

Sean Stanleigh of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Small Business spoke to the benefits of the sharing economy and how sharing services like Airbnb can make entrepreneurs out of everyone.

Read more on the how the Twitter discussion went down then join GoToMeeting Canada on Wednesday, September 10 at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST when they put Virtual Reality and Workplace Disruption head-to-head.

On Friday, September 12, don’t miss the Final Round as the last two big ideas are debated.