What You Should (And Should Not) Expect Apple to Announce Next Week

Apple is slated to announce a new iPhone, and possibly other things, on September 7. Here’s what you can expect, what you can hope for, and what you’ll have to wait for.

What to Expect: A New iPhone, iOS 10

A new iPhone is guaranteed. What’s up for debate is how much of an upgrade over the previous generation it will be.

Likely changes: A pressure-sensitive home button, an improved camera lens, and the removal of the headphone jack.

Unlikely changes: A new exterior, a curved screen, and the staying of the headphone jack.

Breaking its own traditional two-year cycle, this year is expected to be only a minor boost to the iPhone lineup.

iOS 10 will be unveiled in detail. Slated for release by the end of the month, the updated software will include a new iMessage app

What’s Possible: A New Watch

The Apple Watch is pretty lacking, especially at its current price point. We know Apple wants to make the watch better, but that may take some time. It’s definitely possible that Apple will add a Watch announcement next week, especially considering the iPhone update is not apt to thrill consumers—but don’t bank on.

Likely changes: A GPS chip for enhances fitness tracking; a faster processor.

Unlikely changes: A larger screen and improved battery life (these will be priorities for third-gen, however).

We’re gonna say it’s a coin toss whether or not Apple announces a new Watch next week. If not, we fully expect to hear something about it by the end of the year. watchOS 3 will also be announced.

What’s Unlikely: New Macs

It’s been a long time since the Macbook saw a real update. This year, that will change. But we’ll probably have to wait until at least October.

Likely changes: A thoroughly overhauled Pro laptop with a display at the top of the keyboard that changes function keys based on which app is open.

Unlikely changes: An updated standalone monitor that supports at least 4K.

Bonus: Beats by Dre

Apple confirmed that a new Beats by Dre product will be unveiled alongside the iPhone, most likely ones with Lightning connectors to be compatible with the new, jack-less iPhone 7s.

See you on the 7th.

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