What’s Inside the iPhone 7: Slightly Bigger Battery, More RAM, and Glue

Apple loves to tell us how “advanced” its iPhones are, and how many hours long the battery will last, but rarely discusses cold, hard specs.

That’s why we have iFixit, who delves deep into the mechanical mind of iPhones to tell us exactly what they are made of. And they taught us:

  • The iPhone’s insides use tri-point screws to guard the battery and screen from being replaced by regular humans and non-Genius Bar employees.
  • The iPhone 7 has 3GB of RAM, the most ever for an Apple smartphone.
  • The battery is 2,000 mAh—larger than the 6s Plus (2,750 mAh) but not than the 6 Plus (2,915 mAh).
  • It has lots of glue inside, potentially part of the device’s defense against water.

Check out the full teardown here.