What’s The Difference Between 3D and Augmented Reality Experiences? [Video]

Almost everyone is familiar with the powerful effects of 3D technology in blockbuster films—when done right—such as Avatar in 2009 and multiple Academy Award-winning Hugo last year (the latter was was produced in 3D by Toronto’s very own Demetri Portelli).

But just imagine you could experience 3D without having to wear special glasses. 

That’s known as glasses-free 3D or a more technical term known as “augmented reality.” Powered by your smartphone or webcam, glasses-free 3D has been used most popularly to demonstrate a luxury retail item off your computer screen, in a video, or while you’re out and about off a magazine or newspaper due to the expensive cost associated with producing augmented reality. 

This amateur video from the 2012 Toronto Auto Show demonstrates Volvo’s augmented reality campaign: 

However, that’s not to be confused with “augmented experiences” where people created adventure experiences of themselves in this recent Ford campaign at Toronto’s Eaton Centre: 

Pretty cool, eh?