WhatsApp Launches ‘Status,’ Which Looks a Lot Like Snapchat Stories

Ever since Snap turned down Facebook’s multi-billion dollar offer in 2014, the social network has been cloning the app’s signature features.

It started with Instagram, which Facebook owns—think stories and stickers galore. Now WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, is launching a very Snapchat-esque feature.

“Status” is WhatsApp’s Snap Stories clone that allows users to share photos and videos with friends in a manner very similar to Snapchat.

“Starting today, we are rolling out an update to status, which allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp in an easy and secure way,” Jan Koum of WhatsApp said in a blog post.

WhatsApp boasts 1.2 billion monthly users who send 60 billion messages per day. Combined with Instagram’s extensive reach, Snap—slated to go public next month—is facing some very stiff competition and looks less unique by the day.

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