When it comes to convenience, Toronto’s ContactMonkey doesn’t monkey around

Copy and paste. What would we do without it?

Toronto-based startup ContactMonkey has one solution. Instead of cumbersomely copying and pasting contact info from, say, an email signature, into your address book or other contact list, ContactMonkey offers a highly convenient single-click URL. (This where Steve Jobs would say “boom.”)

I tested this free service myself, and it’s really quite fun. It works for Outlook, Gmail, Mac Address Books, Yahoo, iPhone, BlackBerry… the list goes on. And it’s really as simple as they claim: one click ad it’s done. In the instance of adding ContactMonkey CEO Scott Pielsticker to my Mac Address Book, a VCF file automatically downloaded, which automatically opened my address book, which was automatically filled in with all the details of my lovely new contact.

Try it for yourself here.

Scott previously owned a company in London called Blueback, which eventually sold to a large firm called Addison Lee, prompting the entrepreneur to return to his roots in Canada.