Which Gadgets These Women in Tech are Getting Their Dads for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, so if you have not bought pops a present yet, you might want to do that today.

For ideas we turned to three women who know how to give tech gifts.

Amber Mac, Toronto tech expert and coauthor of Outsmarting Your Kids Online, is eying a retro-styled wireless mechanical keyboard.

“My Dad is probably one of the most efficient web surfers I know. He loves researching and working online, and as much as he’d love to use his iPad more often, I know he struggles to find the perfect keyboard,” she explains. “The Qwerkywriter is the ultimate product to bring some retro tech into his life.  It weighs less than three pounds, easily pairs with a tablet via Bluetooth, and looks exactly like an old-school manual typewriter.”

Sunny Lenarduzzi, a Vancouver social media consultant and broadcaster, purchased a waterproof bluetooth speaker.

“My dad is a huge music fan, but since he’s on the road a lot, he doesn’t have anything to take his love for tunes with him,” she says. “So, I got my dad a JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The sound quality is excellent and the battery life of this specific speaker is awesome. Now my dad can bring his soundtrack with him wherever he goes.”


For Erin Bury, the marketing director of 88 Creative, is helping her father stay productive on the fly with an upgrade to his wrist wear.

“My dad loves gadgets; he’s obsessed with TVs—the bigger the better—his iPhone, his iPad, and most recently, the FitBit I bought him for Christmas,” she explains. “I’d love to upgrade him to the Apple Watch Sport so he can check sports scores on the go, track his softball games and activity at the gym, and of course reply to my text messages.”