Whistler’s PayrollHero Grows with Subway

PayrollHero is a two-year-old startup with a team of 17 split between offices in the Philippines and Whistler.

Built specifically for the needs of the Southeast Asian market, PayrollHero is a time, attendance, scheduling, analytics and payroll platform. And last week they announced another client win that will be recognizable across the globe: Subway.

To celebrate the announcement, James Kodrowski of Subway Philippines shared his thoughts on the PayrollHero platform. 

“We were in need of a payroll platform, built for the Philippines, that works seamlessly for a multi-location food and beverage busines,” he says. “When we came across PayrollHero, it was exactly what we were looking for.”

“Their accurate time, attendance and payroll platform is the only platform offering this full suite of services in the Philippines,” he added.



Interested in learning more about PayrollHero and their Canadian operations? Check out their Adventure Engineering program. The Canadian startup set up shop in Whistler and are working to attract talent there using the mountains, flexible schedules, and adventure as their hook.