Who are the 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada?

Last night the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) nominations reception was held in Toronto. 20 of the most innovative companies came together to showcase their talent and the nation’s best in cutting-edge technologies. The participants have been selected from all over Canada to present their innovations to both Canadian and US executives and investors. They gathered in downtown Toronto to see who had made the cut and to talk about their innovations to the press and industry experts.

The main role of the CIX is to find those companies doing ground breaking work and to help them facilitate their growth across the globe said Robert Montgomery the Co-Chair of the Canadian Innovation Exchange. The conference showcasing the 20 companies will take place on December 2nd – this is where their feet will be put to the fire as they present their ideas in a quick seven-minute presentation and show a working prototype to the judges.

It will be chance for them to learn more about what it will take to get their businesses to the starting line to take their innovations to market. It will be a day of talk, lessons learned, networking and increased visibility for these companies and their ideas to the movers and shakers in their industries and in the investment world.

December 2nd will be a day of hopes and dreams where all of the firms involed are hoping that CIX will be the right time and place for them to light a match underneath their business. Some will rise, others will fall and that is the inherent risk for any start up and innovators in a world where true innovation is hard to come by. Each of these companies has a story and what each one hopes is that December 2nd will be a new start and brand new chapter in theirs.

Here is the list of the finalists in the areas of clean technology, information technology and digital media: