Who owns TechCrunch Disrupt? Jason Calacanis sues Mike Arrington

mikeBrooklyn-born internet entrepreneur and blogger Jason Calacanis is suing TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington, according to an email.

Jason is claiming that he and Mike jointly own the TechCrunch 50 Conference—yet Mike sold it in full to AOL when he sold TechCrunch,reports the LA Times

Jason, whose past venture Weblogs Inc. was also sold to AOL, has been slammed by Mike as once being too drunk to even attend the San Fran conference, which was this year renamed TechCrunch Disrupt by Mike. In a counterstrike, rumours spun over Mike’s alleged addicition to prescription meds.

The mud-slinging has been messy thus far. In his Nov. 3 post, Arrington accused Calacanis of being “so drunk the night before the last day of the 2008 conference that he couldn’t show up to be on stage until hours after the event started.” Ironically, Arrington’s post also responded torumors about him being addicted to prescription medication.

Jason said in the email that he was also starting his own conference for startups seeking funding, promising improvements over Disrupt, such as “dramatically lower ticket prices” and “no boring panels” or “immature distractions.”