Why Building Beneficial Relationships is Essential to Networking

Networking is an important piece of the puzzle of launching a successful business.

At an Entrepreneurship 101 lecture, Andrew Yoshioka, president of Sanbonki, discussed networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. He explained that networking is like a puzzle and you need to figure out how everyone you meet fits into the journey of launching your business.

The various people you know and meet will have distinct skill sets to offer. They will also have contacts that you may be able to leverage in the short or long term.

It’s also important to assess what you’re able to offer in a networking environment. After all, networking is a two-way street. Offer your support and skills where you can, even if doing so may not benefit you until further down the road.

Remember that networking allows you to continually tell your company’s story and to share the value that your business or product provides. When it comes time to secure investors or partners to grow your business, the task will be easier because your company’s name and idea will already be circulating throughout your network.



For more of Andrew’s insights into networking, as well as his tips on how to figure out which networking opportunities are right for you, check out the lecture video.


This content, coauthored by Jelena Djurkic, first appeared on MaRS.