Win a Basis Heart Rate Monitor Watch (valued at $199)

It’s day fifteen of our first annual Advent Calendar – twenty-four days of prizes that will be awarded on Christmas day.

Each day we publish a blog post like this one announcing the prize for the day. Anyone can enter to win the giveaway by answering the question of the day (not a skill-tester) AND then retweeting or sharing the post on Facebook.

Today’s prize is a chance to access to the exclusive beta program of the Basis Heart Rate Monitor Watch (valued at $199) – a revolutionary health/wellness device packed with technology.

Only Basis gives you a complete overview of your day, and puts the tools to boost your health and wellness right at hand. Track your calories, activity, stress and sleep to make every day your best day.

Lightweight, sleek and comfortable, Basis fits your wrist like a watch so you can wear all day, every day. Basis collects information through a small sensor window, eliminating the need for uncomfortable chest straps, finger sensors, electrodes or other cumbersome apparatus. It was designed with wearability in mind, because the more you wear it, the more you understand your body.

To enter to win the Basis Heart Rate Monitor watch, simply comment on this blog post with an answer to the following question:

  • How does Santa stay healthy at this stressful time of year?

AND then retweet this blog post on Twitter or share it on Facebook.

Remember to visit Techvibes daily — there is no limit to how many giveaways you can participate in, and they will all be open until Christmas Eve at midnight. Check out our last fourteen days of prizes here and be sure to enter to win these as well.

Note: The Basis watch is currently in its highly EXCLUSIVE beta program and the winner of this prize will win a chance for early access to that program in Q1 2011. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a Basis watch to get early access this Spring, fill out this form online. And be sure to follow Basis on Twitter at @mybasis.