Wirkn Launches First Job Search Chatbot for Kik Platform

Mobile employment solution Wirkn launches the first job search bot for Kik’s messaging platform.

The Wirkn Jobs bot profiles users through a series of questions, as well as a personality quiz, to present job opportunities tailored to their interests. Kik users select the job that best fits them and then create a Wirkn profile, including a 30-second video cover letter.

“Teens use Kik more than any other service,” said Josh Jacobs, president of Kik Services. “Employers looking to hire teens need to reach out in places where teens spend time – and that’s in chat. The Wirkn Jobs bot allows employers to recruit teens in a chat-native way and prove they will be great employers.”

“We aim to empower youth to hone in on their interests and have better visibility into all available jobs in their area,” says Todd Dean, CMO and co-founder of Wirkn. “The new Wirkn Jobs bot engages with users in a friendly conversational manner to help them find the brands they want to work with, on a platform where they already spend a significant amount of time.”

Kik launched its bot shop earlier this month.