Toronto’s Wishabi Launches Flipp, an App That Aims to Change How Consumers Shop and Save Money

Toronto-based Wishabi, which operates a digital flyer platform used by retailers across North America, this week announced the launch of Flipp, a flyer app that helps consumers find sales in their community and plan their weekly shopping trips.

Flipp, a free app available on iPhone and iPad, aims to change how consumers shop and save money every week as the app delivers a way to browse flyers from retailers including IKEA and Target, create shopping lists, and start a shopping experience from anywhere at any time.

“We are giving consumers what they want. Canadian love flyers; in fact, 46% actively seek them out,” explains Wehuns Tan, CEO of Wishabi. “Flipp brings the weekly flyer to life on mobile, personalizes it and delivers it to the hands of consumers coast-to-coast creating a shopping experience and savings like never before.”

“Wishabi is transforming the flyer industry,” he added. “The launch of Flipp further drives the movement of connecting customers with their favorite retailers in the exact way they want in this digital age.”

Features include Flip, a way to quickly flip through favorite flyers to find items to purchase; Clip Items, which adds items to a shopping list; and Discount Finder, which highlights discounts to find the week’s biggest deals.

Wishabiʼs mission is “to fundamentally improve how people discover, view and share flyer content across all devices and platforms.” It was founded in 2007 and has offices in Toronto and New York.