Working Overtime the New Norm in Canada, Survey Shows

Many professionals can expect to put in long hours during the upcoming year with 41 per cent of Canadian professionals saying they work a full extra day or more of overtime each week.

According to the latest research from global workplace provider Regus, working long hours has become the norm in Canada, with most workers putting in at least a small amount of overtime every week—more than the global average.

The majority of Canadians who work overtime are putting in a whopping 8 to 12 hours more each week, compared to globally where the majority report doing around 2 to 4 hours more each week. Additionally, 16 per cent of Canadians are teetering close to burn out and putting in over 15 hours, basically working the equivalent of a seven-day week. 

“With our hyperconnected and global work world, it is no surprise many of us are putting in overtime hours,” said Wayne Berger, VP of Regus Canada.

Workers report the day they are most likely to put in overtime hours is Monday (18%) when they likely want to catch up from the weekend and get ahead of the week, while Friday people are keen to get out and start the weekend with only 7% reporting they work longer hours on Friday. However, the weekends are no exception for putting in hours with 14% and 13% reporting they work on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

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