Wowing tile retailers – Precision Tile Pro 2.0 from Laurel Creek Software

Image of Precision Tile Pro 2.0 CD case

Waterloo’s reputation as a hotbed of Canada’s Technology Triangle has been well-earned, and Waterloo-based Laurel Creek Software is no stranger to the innovation underlying the region’s success.

As a maker of software CAD tools for the tile retailing market, its Precision Tile Pro 2.0 is a savvy CAD software tool designed to help tile retailers add an edge to their competitiveness in the marketplace.

In addition to helping them plan and create high-quality visual tile layouts in full color schemes, Precision Tile Pro 2.0 is also enabling speedier buyer decision-making and quicker sales closure.

Tile retailers operating one step ahead are starting to add a measurement and design service fee to their quotes, justified and validated by the professional high-quality designs that Precision Tile Pro’s simple and intuitive interface churns out. Users have praised the software’s ease-of-use, and the fact that it can be managed by even the least computer-savvy of employees. In addition, the software allows precise square footage calculations and tile counts, enabling more accurate quotes to be presented to customers, while also preventing losses in sales due to under-bidding for contracts. 

For more information regarding the Precision Tile 2.0, visit the Laurel Creek Software website.