Canadian Startup Wyley Interactive Emerges from Stealth to Impact Mobile Gaming

Take a collection of former triple A game studio executives with 40 years of experience, and you could have people basking in the console glory days of the past.

But instead of opting for white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks, these former EA colleagues have cofounded Wyley Interactive. For the past year CEO Pauline Moller, COO Moira Dang, and Larry LaPierre (Managing Director, Product) have been growing the team, which now stands 20 strong.

Giving up cushy offices, big budgets, and a legion of minions to do their bidding for a year of stealthy startup mode: they’ve firmly set their sights on making a big impact in the brave new world of mobile gaming.

Wyley isn’t trying to create the next Angry Birds, though. They’re building a gaming channel to make it easier for people to find the next big hit.

Working with game publishers to cut through the noisy app store is an oversimplification of what this team is delivering. Offering a more efficient distribution channel is quite compelling, but creating a better mobile play experience for the gamer also resonates nicely. No-in game distractions like those pesky little ads is noteworthy, too. So is adding perks to play. Imagine playing a great game and earning perks for the things you want, need, or even having those “rewards” go to others in need.

Giving the platform its third leg, Wyley Interactive is bringing brands and businesses into the game as well. Moller envisions a platform that’s all about playing for perks, like a meta game of shopping. Having recently opened up a beta version of the platform, Wyley is allowing mobile game players to earn credits for gift cards to some of Vancouver’s leading retailers.

It’s worth mentioning that Sprott Shaw College is one of the first clients to white label the Wyley Play4Perks network. Students and future potential students can play games for perks such as Starbucks Gift Cards, VIP Personal Career Counseling Sessions, iTunes Gift Cards, Tuition Grants for new Programs, iPads, and scholarships.

The platform is currently available for the iPhone and iPad but Wyley plans to deliver an Android version in 2013. While still officially in beta mode, and with the Play4Perks network currently limited to Vancouver, they nonetheless have the team, the game-plan, and the support (including Mike Edwards LX Ventures) to expand quickly to other major cities in the year ahead.