Y Combinator-backed Canadian Startup Amulyte Launches to Build Wearable Technology for Seniors

Y Combinator startup Amulyte launched today.

The Toronto-born company, started by two University of Waterloo graduates, aims to build better technology to help seniors. Specifically, Jaclyn Konzelmann and Perry Haldenby aim to create a device—called the Amulyte—that can be worn around the neck or tucked in a pocket and features wifi, GPS, a cellular radio, a micro-controller, an accelerometer, and a week-long battery.

Described as an “emergency response device that works anywhere,” the $99-Amulyte targets seniors who actually leave their houses. With all its components tucked neatly inside, the Amulyte represents only one thing to a senior: a help button. Upon pressing said button, Amulyte works through a chain of contact, texting and calling preset lists of people in a specific order. And by keeping track of data such as the wearer’s activity level and location, emergency contacts can be better aware of what situation that elderly person may be in.

The Amulyte is available for preorder but isn’t expected to ship for several more months yet, according to TechCrunch.