YAPTA wants to help you fly for free

Even though I only have enough air miles to buy a blender, I still dream of the day when I finally have enough points to book a flight, only to be thwarted by airlines not having any award seats left. Yapta is taking care of that problem – their new service provides award seat alerts on flights on Alaska Airlines, Continental, Delta, United, and U.S. Airways, so that you can know exactly where and when you can redeem your award miles.
Yapta (which stands for Your Personal Travel Assistant…cute) also offers price change alerts that have saved travelers over $90 million since the company was founded in 2006. If the price of your flight drops after you’ve booked on an airline’s website, you’re eligible to a refund or travel credit. The free service also tracks price and availability of flights of any flight that you choose, every day.

“One of the biggest frustrations for frequent travelers is not knowing when they can actually redeem their miles to book an award seat,” said Tom Romary, president & CEO of Yapta. Romary is also looking at it as a service to airlines: “Airlines want their frequent fliers to use miles because it strengthens their loyalty program,”he says. “Our award seat alerts stimulate the usage of frequent flier programs and therefore will have a positive impact on the airline’s balance sheet and income statement.”