‘You Cannot Afford to Miss This Event’: Why You Should Attend BlackBerry World 2012

Research In Motion’s annual conference, BlackBerry World, arrives in Florida in May.

And RIM will finally be unveiling BB10, it’s next-gen platform that is apt to make or break the fragile Canadian company.

RIM has released a promo video, in which product marketing vice-president Rory O’Neill encourages viewers to attend BlackBerry World.

“We’ll be sharing our perspective of the future of mobile, the internet, and what it means for our customers and partners worldwide. We’re going to delve into BlackBerry 10; we’re going to talk about what it means for enterprise customers, public sector customers, for small businesses, entrepreneurs, consumers, our operator partners, and, importantly, developers. And we’re going to start to share the story and the direction and the vision for BlackBerry as a company.”

RIM also listed the “top reasons for BlackBerry users to attend BlackBerry world,” saying that “this is your opportunity to find out about the latest developments for the BlackBerry solution, meet with BlackBerry experts, form new business relationships, and get answers to your IT, business, and application development questions.” According to RIM, “you cannot afford to miss this event.” Here are the Waterloo company’s top reasons in its own words.

1. Get the specific BlackBerry knowledge you need to help you do your job better, including deployment best practices, developer tools, tips and tricks, and learning how to implement and manage the latest technology in your organization.

2. IT Administrators can get a more in depth education in the BlackBerry Training Courses.

3. BlackBerry users can become BlackBerry Certified at the conference.

4. Everything you need to know about the BlackBerry solution is all in one place.

5. Take in all of the great Breakout Session content – with an abundance of sessions, you’ll find the information you need to take your mobile strategies to the next level.

6. Gain access to the wireless marketplace in the Solutions Showcase, where our conference sponsors will be onsite to show you how you can enhance your deployment.

7. Get insight into the big picture from industry leading analysts and experts.

8. Network and learn from your peers – find out what’s working for them in today’s competitive landscape and how their learning can be applied to challenges that you face.