You.i TV Selected by the Weather Group to Develop OTT App Experiences

Things have gotten a bit sunnier for one of Canada’s leading media engagement companies.

The Ottawa-based You.i TV has been selected by the Weather Group to develop an improved over-the-top (OTT) digital app experience, starting with the streaming service Local Now. This will be done through You.i TV’s video platform Engine One, which will help Local One deliver its hyper-local weather, traffic, news and sports info to users. OTT refers to a media practice that sees companies providing audio, video and more directly to a consumer over internet streaming, bypassing telecoms, cable or other broadcast services.

Engine One will improve on local now’s current iteration for a user’s device of choice, including iOS, Android, Apple TV or Roku. You.i TV will deliver a more personalized experience with dynamic content, all without compromising application performance.

Local Now delivers real-time content from partners like the Associated Press, Reuters, Foursqaure, TrafficLand, Stadium and other outlets.

“The mission of Local Now is to inspire and inform people through stories and data to build better communities,” said Marvin Renaud, an SVP of Digital who oversees the Local Now platform and The Weather Channel Television apps. “You.i TV’s innovative technology helps us deliver on that mission and give us the ability to create beautiful, immersive and hyper-personalized apps that put the user first.”

The You.i TV platform helps media companies create a profitable and personalized experience on a number of mediums, all form one single code base. Engine One is used by brands such as the NBA, Cartoon network, Fox and more to offer OTT strategies.

For an example of what a You.i TV integration could look like, see the design experiment for ESPN below.

“We are thrilled to be selected by Weather Group and Local Now for the evolution of their live streaming experience,” said Jason Flick, CEO of You.i TV. “We look forward to helping Local Now extend their already successful OTT app to address the needs of the users regardless of where they are consuming information.”

You.i TV bills themselves as a company building the future of TV. They have grown over 1,000 per cent over the last five years and have seen their apps powered with their platform installed tens of millions of times.

The company’s work with Local Now and the Weather Group will mean quicker access to important information, such as local news and weather conditions, all streamlined through a single user experience.

The new Engine One-powered Local Now will launch in spring 2018.