YouTube TV Expands Service to 10 New Cities

YouTube has announced that its subscription streaming bundle YouTube TV is now available in 10 new markets, tripling its overall presence.

YouTube TV allows users to watch local news feeds live, such as ABC, NBC and FOX. You can also watch cable networks like AMC and local sports affiliates NBC Sports and Fox Sports. The subscription service will run you $35 a month and is aimed towards youth who spend a lot of time in front of a computer and away from traditional television.

The new areas YouTube TV is expanding into include Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and Detroit. When the service first launched it was only available to the largest metropolitan areas, such as New York City and L.A.

The service has continually grown the number of networks available to users, from massive international mainstays like BBC World News to niche networks FX and Sundance Channel. In total there is close to 50 networks offered through YouTube TV, with more always being added.

Some of the key selling points for YouTube TV include access to six streams (three at the same time) and access to several platforms including Android, iOS and Chromecast.

There are a lot of streaming services available on the market now and YouTube TV realizes this by trying to convert younger demographics who are already spending time on the video-streaming site. More than half of the current YouTube TV viewership is 13-34 year-olds.

YouTube plans to roll the service out to more cities soon.