Zoom Announces New All-In-One Virtual Events Platform

The new feature will let users host multi-session conferences as well as manage ticketing and registration.

Need to Know

  • Zoom is launching a new events platform, designed to make it easy for businesses and entrepreneurs to create, host, and monetize events.
  • The platform will let hosts create multi-session events, such as conferences, as well as offer ticketing, registration, and internal sales meetings.
  • Since the pandemic shifted the way we gather, many companies have had to get creative with how they host events and connect with their customers.


Virtual meeting platform, Zoom, which has become a household name since the start of the pandemic last year, is launching a new events platform. Zoom Events will provide an all-in-one solution for businesses and entrepreneurs to create, host, and monetize online events. 

Coming this summer, Zoom Events can be used for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies to host fitness classes, music or art lessons, theater presentations, and more. 

According to a blog post on the Zoom website, the platform can be used to: 

  • Create multi-session events such as conferences, where attendees can network with one another in a virtual lobby.
  • Offer ticketing and registration for attendees.
  • Manage and host internal events such as sales meetings.
  • Set up external events like user conferences.
  • Group together internal events and make them easily discoverable for employees.

Says the blog post, “Zoom is excited to empower event hosts with the ability to create unique, engaging virtual experiences.” 

While livestreaming and virtual meetings were already quite popular, the pandemic rapidly pushed the entire world to shift to digital-first gatherings, both in business and in our personal lives. The demand is there—just two months after the start of the pandemic, the use of virtual events skyrocketed 1000% for one virtual event platform.

One year later, companies are continuing to get creative with hosting virtual experiences for customers and users. And the retail industry in particular has had to really experiment to find new ways to connect with customers. 

Last week, Gucci launched a virtual two-week art installation within gaming platform Roblox. Brands like Swarovski and L’Oreal are experimenting with livestream shopping, and even the Olympics has launched its first-ever virtual sports experience. 

While some in-person events will eventually make a comeback, it’s predicted that virtual events are here to stay.